Grainger Room Reservation Information

photo of Open Group Study Room

Open Group Study Rooms

Rooms 405-415, located on the west end of the Fourth Floor of the library. Each Open Group Study Room includes a table, chairs and a whiteboard.

Room Use Policies

Leaving your room unattended for any period of time will result in your entire reservation being forfeited.

Items left unattended will be removed and will be retrievable at the Circulation Desk with your i-Card.

Do not move furniture in or out of these rooms

Use only dry erase markers on the white boards. You can check out markers at the Circulation Desk with your i-Card.

Formal course instruction is not permitted in these rooms.

If you know you will not be using a reserved room, please make sure to cancel your reservation using the link in your confirmation email.

All patrons have a limit of:

For more information, see the
Open Group Study Room LibGuide

photo of CARE Group Study Room

CARE Group Study Rooms

Rooms 401-404, located on the west end of the Fourth Floor of the library are available by reservation for College of Engineering students only. Each room includes a table, chairs, a whiteboard, and a 55" television with VGA cables.

Room Use Policies

If a key is issued, it must be returned to the Circulation Desk by the due date

Rooms may only be scheduled to begin 30 mins after the building opens and must end 30 mins before the building closes

Priority is given to TA's scheduling Office Hours and Engineering Class group work

If you have not received a response from our staff after 24 hours (Monday through Friday), resubmit your form

No moving of furniture is allowed within, or into, these rooms

Formal course instruction is not permitted in these rooms

If the room is not used within 30 minutes of the time requested, the reservation will be voided for that day

Groups with standing reservations must submit a list of group members and members must present an ID

photo of Grainger Conference Room

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms vary in size and can be found on the second and third floors. They are primarily used for formal meetings, workshops and seminars and can only be requested by groups affiliated with the College of Engineering, CITES and the University Library.

capacity 42 people — computer/media equipment/projection screen available
Rm. 229
capacity 12 people
Rm. 329
capacity 20 people — laptop/projection screen available
Rm. 331
capacity 8 people
Rm. 333
capacity 12 people
Rm. 335
capacity 25 people — laptop/projection screen available

Room Use Policies

These rooms cannot be reserved for TA Office Hours.

The Library does not schedule rooms for job placement or career management services. Please contact Engineering Career Services.

No moving of furniture or computer equipment is allowed within, or into, these rooms.

Users are required to pay for any extra services.

Additional Forms