General Information


Grainger Library maintains public computer terminals (4) on the 1st floor. In addition, the library offers a cluster of computers on the east side of the 1st floor that require an Active Directory Password for access.

NOTE: The Engineering Workstation Labs (EWS) located on the lower level and the fourth floor can only be used by College of Engineering students.

UIUC students may print from the cluster computers or from their laptops by charging the print jobs to their student accounts. Grainger has 6 printers on the first floor: 4 b&w and 2 color. College of Engineering students must use EWS machines to use their school printing quota.

Loanable Technology

Grainger Library offers some technology items available for loan with an i-Card. These loanable technology items are building use only and most have a two hour loan period. Some of the loanable technology items on reserve at Grainger Library include a variety of Apple device charger cables, USB power adapters, and micro-USB charger cables.

Click here to see a full list and to check availability of our loanable technology.

Have a suggestion for a loanable technology item? Please email

Printing, Scanning & Copying

UIUC students may print from the 1st floor cluster computers by charging their student accounts. To use their school printing quota, College of Engineering students must print with EWS machines on the 4th floor or lower level.

Flatbed scanners and a book scanner are available on the first floor. Patrons who are not using the computers to scan materials may be asked to move.

There are photocopiers available on every floor except 4th floor. Copies may be made with a valid I-card, or a photocopy card. Photocopy cards can be charged and purchased at the dispenser on the first floor (minimum $1). All copy machines reduce and enlarge but do not print double-sided. Copies are 20 each.

Engineering Workstations (EWS)

The Engineering Workstations Computer Labs are located on the Lower Level and the 4th floor center Grainger. EWS is only available to Engineering students. Hours of operation are typically the same as the Grainger library, though the lower level lab is often closed during breaks. Both labs have printers for Engineering students redeeming their printing quota. For more information visit the EWS website.

Writers Workshop

The Writer's Workshop at Grainger is usually held in Room 402. Call 217-333-8796 to schedule an appointment. Visit the Center for Writing Studies website for their schedule and more information.

CARE Tutoring

The Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE) provides a study area and tutoring services on the 4th floor of Grainger Library. Visit the CARE website for their schedule and more information.

Building Tours

Grainger Engineering Library offers tours of the library by appointment only with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Please contact Grainger staff for more information.